Breeding Soundness Exam

By Barry Whitworth

A breeding soundness exam (BSE) is a procedure performed by a veterinarian that ensures that a bull has met a minimal set of standards that reflect his reproductive potential.

The exam is not a guarantee that the bull will breed cows because some bulls are not aggressive breeders. The test does ensure that the bull has the potential to breed cows. However, the exam does have limits. The exam is only true at the time of the test and cannot ensure results for the future.

The exam has three components. A physical exam is performed to ensure that the bull is in good health. A reproductive exam evaluates the health of the reproductive organs. The final component is an evaluation of the semen for motility and normality. For most producers, a BSE is a small investment to make certain a fertile bull may reduce the number of cows found open when they are pregnancy checked.

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