Equine Dentistry

By Laci Jones

The overall health and well-being of a horse begins with its mouth, according to Edye Lucas, owner of Oklahoma Equine Dentistry.

“If they can’t eat, they can’t digest food properly. Then they just don’t thrive,” Lucas said. “Every aspect of a horse’s life pretty much revolves around how good his teeth are.”

If a horse has bad teeth, they are going to have health issues including weight loss, she added.

“Every single horse, including horses out in the wild to domestic horses, has the same kind of teeth,” Lucas said. “They grow and erupt all the time from the time they’re born to the time they die.”

Like humans, horses lose their baby teeth. Horses shed all of their deciduous teeth, also known as baby teeth or caps, by the time they are five years old. Dental issues come from the lack of dental care or some kind of trauma to the face or jaw, she explained. This trauma is normally caused by getting kicked in the face by another horse.

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