Equine Chiropractic Medicine

By Tricia Bailey

Equine chiropractic medicine is a growing trend in the equine industry. Chiropractic medicine can be used in all breeds and riding disciplines, from three-day eventers, to racehorses, to barrel horse and pasture pets. It is a useful tool in the veterinarian’s toolbox that can be used to treat many different problems including lameness, back soreness and poor performance, among others. It does involve looking at the animal from a different perspective than traditional medicine.

Chiropractic medicine can be used in any animal that has a skeleton. It is fundamentally focused on maintaining one’s balance by restoring motion to areas of the boney structure that have lost their normal motion entirely or have a decrease in normal motion.

This lack of normal motion is referred to as a subluxation or as the specific area being “out” or “stuck,” a misalignment of the bones. Why are subluxations important? Because subluxations cause pain and inflammation and can affect how the body functions.

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