Here Comes the Next Generation: Part 4

By Judy Wade

Like most young girls, Charly and Chaney Sellers are glad school is out for the summer. They are enjoying swimming in their backyard pool, playing on their swing set, climbing to their tree house, shooting snakes in the pond with their BB guns, playing with their Great Pyrenees named Sandy, driving the gator and entertaining their little brother. They have invented a new game: frog o’clock. Late in the evening they catch all the frogs they can (and there are a multitude this year), put them in a bucket and release them later.

The daughters of Jay and Christy Sellers, are both students at Waurika Elementary, where they made straight A’s, and are on the Honor Roll. Charly received a medal for winning second place in the elementary Spelling Bee this year. They play coach pitch—Mom is their coach—for the Eagles. They are active in 4-H Clover Buds and at the United Methodist Church.

Unlike many other young girls, however, these two are experienced horsewomen and ride almost every day. They are excited about the upcoming events in the Mid-South Youth Cowboy Rodeo Association (MRCA).

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