Touring the Drummond Home

Addie Drummond added a back porch to the home in 1914. (Photo by Laci Jones)

By Laci Jones

Before Drummond Cattle Company became one of the most well-known ranches, Frederick Drummond traveled to the United States from Scotland in 1884. He spent year in New York, before traveling to Texas.

After a failed business venture in Texas, he took a job as a clerk for a wholesale dry-goods company in St. Louis. The owner of the Osage Mercantile Company, John Skinner hired Drummond when he was 22, and he worked at the company as a government licensed trader.

In 1890, he married German-native, Adeline “Addie” Gentner from Coffeyville, Kan. They had six children: Blanche, Roy Cecil, Frederick Gentner, Alfred “Jack” Alexander, Conrad Hubert and Lois Hope. However, Conrad and Lois Hope died at a young age.

The couple moved to Hominy, Okla., in 1903. They purchased a quarter share of Price & Price Mercantile Co., and formed the Hominy Trading Company in 1904. The company later became known as the Pioneer Store in 1927.

Drummond and Addie built a three-story Victorian-style home in Hominy, Okla., in 1905. A porch with white columns and trim frame the home, with false dormers and a second-floor balcony. The first floor is made with sandstone quarried nearby, while light green and sea green shingles makeup the second and third floors.

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