Welcoming you to the 2017 Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo

The Wichita Falls Ranch and Farm Expo will be March 8-9 at the JS Bridwell Ag Center in Wichita Falls, Texas.

We would like to invite and welcome everyone to the 9th annual Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo. Texoma has a great history of agriculture and a bright future. We are a family owned business that works hard to provide a quality show for you to enjoy. With tremendous vendor, media, regional, national and local support, we think you will be pleased with the expo we have put together for you this year. We have the best sponsors, friends and family that make the Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo a continued success. We’ll see you at the show!


Darren, Tana, Taos & Taya Dale


Darren, Tana, Taos and Taya Dale. (Courtesy photo)