Life of a Ranch Wife

By Lanna Mills

It is a well-known fact that cowboying is unlike any other profession. However, as with other professions there are some tools of the trade that a cowboy just cannot do without. Like a carpenter needs a hammer, a surgeon needs a scalpel, a baker needs an oven, and a teacher needs books, a cowboy can’t do his job without a saddle, a bridle, a rope, a horse, and a truck and trailer.

Being a cowboy means that many hours are spent in the saddle. Therefore, comfort is a necessity. It must fit the cowboy, with not too much extra room in the seat but not too tight either and stirrups at the correct length. There are many different types and styles of saddles to fit each cowboy’s needs and wants. Low Moose, Association, Tascosa, Will James, seat rigged, full rigging, tooling, or rough out. These are just a few options when it comes to saddles. A saddle is an investment. Depending on the maker and what all options are chosen, a saddle can cost several thousand dollars.

A saddle to a cowboy is like a woman’s purse. It holds things a cowboy may need when out and about. The saddle is equipped with tie strings, to tie down cattle. A rope hangs on the right side for quick and easy access. Medicine bags hang from the sides to hold medicine, syringes, and needles to doctor cattle on the pasture.

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