Life Of A Ranch Wife

(Photo by Lanna Mills)

By Lanna Mills

Ranching is one of America’s oldest professions. Long ago before computers, cars, department stores, and even electricity, there was ranching. There must be a reason why after all these years, all the advancements in technology and all the changes this world has seen that ranching remains. There is a need and a demand for ranching. Why is ranching so important? Ranching feeds us, it preserves the land, and it is part of our history.

Without ranching, there would be no beef for cheeseburgers or steaks for those summer cookouts. The United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service reported that in 2015 Americans consumed 24.8 billion pounds of beef. In addition to the beef consumed by Americans, $5.6 billion worth of beef was exported. The top four countries being exported to include Japan, Canada, Mexico, and South Korea. These are astonishing numbers given the fact that 90 percent of beef produced in America is sold in America and only 10 percent is exported.

Millions of consumers go to the supermarket and purchase beef every day. How many of those consumers actually stop and think about the process to get that cut of meat? There is a lot of work that goes into getting it from hoof to plate.

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