Where the Paved Road Ends- Mommy Laughs Last

(Photo by Beth Watkins)

By Beth Watkins

When my babies were little, my favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day was getting to sleep until I woke up and being able to put on my make-up and use the restroom without an audience. Being a mom is hard work! But it’s a very rewarding job if you put your heart into it. The best advice I can give a new mother is “Your children get one childhood; make it count.” Don’t worry about dust on the furniture, socks that don’t match or lost car keys! There will be plenty of time to get your ducks in a row when the kids are older! Life will always be a little scattered. Just like now, I know exactly where my keys are: locked in the truck!

It won’t be long and you’ll discover you’ve worked your way out of the daily grind of motherhood and have become a grandmother. Life has slowed way down, but I’m surrounded by momma’s, a whole herd of momma’s! Last year I experienced my first calving season. I only ended up with one bottle baby, a boy, named “Cash #12.” I’ve named all my momma’s, and I name the little girls, but the boys all have the same name- “cash.” I try not to get too attached. I really enjoy watching the herd go about their daily grazing. Some have more personality than others.

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