Backroad Bites: Folgers Drive-In

By Kristi Hawks

If you are traveling to Ada, near it or just want to have your own Backyard Bites adventure, I highly recommend stopping in for a burger at Folgers Drive-In in Ada, Okla. I was recommended by several people to try this small drive-in, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s small but comfortable, with good food and fantastic service.

When you get to Ada, make sure to pay close attention driving through town because Folgers is a grey brick building tucked back on the north side of Main Street. It is hard to see at first, but a simple red Folgers neon light on one side of the door and a red neon open sign on the other side let me know I was at the right place. Parking is out front, and there is a drive thru on the west side of the building.

The building looks like it’s been there for quite a while. Most people from the area tell you it’s been there since 1935, and it’s a family favorite. In fact, it was easy to tell most of the people were either regulars or coming back for a nostalgia stop. The inside is small with one long row of countertop and round barstool seats. Four tables with two chairs each were placed along the door side. We managed to get a table right by the door to sit down and enjoy our cheeseburgers. Everyone from young kids to the elderly were there. They were all friendly, offering seats when they were done and moving so people could sit together. I felt very at home there and was excited to try the food.

The menu is pretty straightforward: hamburger, cheeseburger, chili hamburger, chili cheeseburger, barbecue hamburger, barbecue cheeseburger, grilled cheese and hotdog and Coney dog. The burgers come with one patty, but there were options on the menu to order more meat. The coney dog is a hotdog with chili, onions and mustard on it. Order any of them as a basket to add fries to your burgers or dogs. The drinks are standard with some selection of pops and iced teas, and they do have crushed ice.

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