Southwind Band

The Southwind Band including Earl Wayne Chaffin (left), Lucinda Harrison, Mike Music, David Herried, Tom Hall, and Antonio Rosales performing at the Lost Cowboy Church in Gracemont, Okla. (Photo by Rosemary Stephens)

Vintage Guys Playing Vintage Music
By Jan Sikes

Age does not diminish the quality of music the professional musicians who make up the Southwind Band play. With the youngest member in his 50s, these guys have been around. They have seen country music change and morph into something hardly recognizable. They are determined to keep vintage country music alive, and they are doing a fantastic job.

Tom Hall and Mike Music met 30 years ago in Weatherford, Okla. They lived on the same street but did not know each other until introduced by a mutual friend. Both accomplished musicians, they quickly formed a friendship and Southwind Band. Along the way, they gathered up other musicians. David Herreid is on drums, Mackey Kelley on fiddle, Earl Wayne Chaffin plays steel guitar and Antonio Rosales keeps the backbeat on the bass. Occasionally, Lucinda Harrison joins the group on keyboards.

What sets Southwind Band apart?

“This was true back in 1986 and is true now,” Music explained. “We’ve kind of got an “Asleep at the Wheel” sound. Tom has that big deep Ray Benson voice. He’s a strong front guy, and the musicians are really good. We are very fortunate to have really seasoned top-notch guys. Even back in 1986, we had a good solid swing sound that was great for dancing.

“The Urban Cowboy thing was going strong back in those days, so we were a perfect fit for the clubs. Now, we’re still playing a lot of the same music. There’s an absence of that music available. It’s certainly not coming out of Nashville. When people hear us, they hear real country, real honkytonk, real swing music.

“All of us guys have been playing our instruments for 30 years, and we’re just that much better at our craft.

“What you get with a Southwind show is good strong music, and we engage and interact with the crowd and banter back and forth on stage. The crowd enjoys us. We can make them smile.”

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