Where the Paved Road Ends: Hello, Sunshine

By Beth Watkins

Some things just seem so routine in life like filling out paperwork when visiting a new doctor or participating in a survey. We are asked the same old questions: name, address, occupation, etc.

The occupation line gets to me every time, and I would proudly write “housewife.” I did this up until I noticed a copy of my health records, where someone translated my occupation as “housewife” to “unemployed.” To say the least, I was offended.

I have dedicated my life to caring for my husband, raising babies, cooking and cleaning. As with everything I attempt, my goal is to excel. It does not always work the way I plan, but I try.

Early on in our marriage, we decided that I would be a stay at home mom. At first, not working outside the home was a little intimidating. I felt like I was mooching off my husband, so I decided the best way to earn my keep was to be the best housewife and mother that I could possibly be.

I take great pride in the fact that my house is clean, my laundry stays caught up and my dishwasher is empty. Every weeknight my husband has a home-cooked meal sitting on the table when he walks in the door.

If “housewife” was not a sufficient name for my occupation, maybe “Domestic Goddess” would be. I gave it a try, it worked and I’ve been writing “Domestic Goddess” ever since. For fun, ask Siri to read you the definition of “Domestic Goddess.”

On my phone, when I ask Siri, “Who is ‘The Domestic Goddess?’” She answers in her British accent, “Do you mean Beth Watkins?” That answer always brightens my day.

Others have labeled me with different titles throughout my life. Most of the titles, in some way, hint to the fact that I am a bit high maintenance. “Miss Daisy” refers to the fact that I’m a backseat driver.
I prefer nice things, so I received the title “Duchess.” “Princess” is because I’m girly. I have the title “Queen of Everything,” because my husband says so. When I found out I was going to have a grandbaby, I knew right away I wanted my title to be “Grammy” like the award.

When using the term “high maintenance” to describe myself, the best example I can give is this; whether we are working cows or fixing fence, I have picked out a T-shirt that matches my muck boots, which are pink camo, and I’ll chose a ball cap that will compliment my T-shirt. When I pack our lunch, it means I have included hand sanitizer, napkins and a straw because I always wash my hands before I eat and a straw because I do not drink straight from a can.

Do not be mistaken when associating “high maintenance” with my character. I go with the flow when relating to people, and I am always kind and giving. I am committed to loving people like Jesus does. I do not gossip, and I do not ask people personal questions.

It is not because I am not interested in them but because I value their privacy. I always treat everyone with the utmost respect, whether it is a server at a restaurant, a cashier in a store or a repairman.

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