Horsepower: “Auto”

By Lanna Mills

If you have been around horses much at all, I am sure you have noticed that not all of them are the same. They come in all sizes and colors. Like us, each has its own personality and temperament. While some are laid back and easy going, others are hyper and on edge. Horses are capable of great things and are quite versatile. With the proper training, there is no limit to what a horse can become.

Some horses are just extra special; they have a little something more. We have created this article to showcase these extraordinary equines. Each month we will be telling the story of a different horse and just what it is that makes it unique. I’d like to start by introducing you to one of our horses.

My husband purchased “Auto” from a friend about 15 years ago. He was just a three-year-old, which now makes him the ripe old age of 18. He wasn’t much when my husband acquired him, just a colt that needed a job. He became quite the horse. He has to be to have managed to keep his place for that length of time.

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