Noble Learning: For Those of Us Who Want to Learn New Things

(Staff Photos by Rob Mattson/The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation) Fall Grazing Workshop attendees get a full tour of the Dixon Water Foundation, during which participants are able to see and talk about different aspects of sustainable land management and good stewardship, at the Dixon Water Foundation in Decatur, Tex., Tuesday afternoon, September 13, 2016.

by Amy Hays, Noble Research Institute adult education manager /

When was the last time you learned something new? Something big enough that you felt a real shift? McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc said, “When you’re green, you’re growing. When you’re ripe, you rot.” Every time we are willing to learn and develop, we are green and growing. However, when we decide we have “arrived” and there is nothing else to learn, we’ve matured and ripened.

One of the things you probably feel when you are opening the door to greenness again is that it’s a great feeling. A challenge. There is something to look forward to: growth and the potential to build. For Noble Learning, there is nothing more important than serving producers who are seeking growth and “greenness.” Our challenge is how can we help you keep green and growing? We are seeking the learner who wants to learn.
In 2019, Noble Learning will fully introduce “education progressions” as a service to learners to build their skills and abilities to manage production systems.

We Are Here For You
Stewardship of the soil and resources is the story of the steward, not the story of the practice. We serve and work with producers so they can maximize their operations and build profitable, innovative and resilient systems. The ability of only 2 percent of us to provide the food and fiber for everyone is a great challenge. Noble Learning’s role is to offer guidance and proven ideas — things we see on our own farms and from our own pastures and livestock at the Noble Research Institute — that enable you to successfully move forward. In 2019, we invite you to work with us and utilize the Noble Learning’s offerings to build and work toward achieving your production, stewardship and financial goals.

What Noble Learning Looks Like
When you look at the Noble Research Institute events page (, you will see several changes to our traditional outreach programs. You will find:
• Offerings that are designed as education progressions, a series of connected and interrelated learning opportunities spanning two to five years.
• Education events listed with new labels to help you find what level of knowledge the event delivers.
• Details on who should attend, what you will get from the event and what we intend to deliver.
The goal is that you will be able to pick and select the education events that best suit your operation or goals at your skill level and with others who are experiencing the same challenges. An evolving list of education events will be added to the website so you can see all the courses that will be offered and what courses complement each other.

Read more about Noble Learning in the February issue of Oklahoma Farm & Ranch magazine.