By Ddee Haynes

What started as a trickle of rain has suddenly turned into a full-blown, hat blowing, take cover, buy all the toilet paper you can, and stay inside storm. All sports, professional, collegiate, high school, junior high, and even peewee sports were cancelled.  Colleges, universities, high schools, trade schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools are all closed until further notice.  Any business not considered essential has been ordered to close. 

What hasn’t been cancelled nor closed is agriculture.  Farmers and ranchers are still doing what they do to feed the world while much of the population is hidden away.  Crops still need to be planted, cows still need milked twice a day, livestock still need cared for and fed, and the list goes on and on.  The daily life of our agriculture producers has not changed.  Only through the diligence of these producers can the world still eat, be it a normal day or a crisis day.

In addition to our agriculture producers, let’s remember our truck drivers, factory workers, the doctors, nurses, firemen and women, law enforcement officers, veterinarians, and all the people behind the scenes who continue to do what they do each and everyday to keep our big world spinning regardless of what is happening.

Let’s all take a breath, step back, put on our common sense hats, and think about this. First and foremost, I know the Coronavirus is a very serious issue, and everyone should take the necessary precautions.  However, hoarding all the toilet paper and shutting yourself and your family completely away from the world is just a bit much.  In my opinion, anyway, for what it is worth.

There is always a positive to every negative, no matter the situation, if you can just step back and clear your minds. Think about the situation for a moment in a rational state of mind. 

The COVID19 has completely upset all our lives.  Freedom, something we all take for granted, is suddenly not so free. We can no longer call our friends and go out to dinner, meet our clients to discuss business or buzz by and see your grandparents.  Everyone is feeling the strain, the age-old saying “it ain’t pretty, people” is putting it lightly.

Now that we have discussed the negatives, let’s look for the positives. As United States citizens we are still free to worship, live where we choose and be whom we choose. Pick up the phone and call your grandparents, disconnect from technology and enjoy your family.  Play a game, go for a walk, read a book, paint your daughter’s bedroom, and get back to the basics. Finances are by far the hardest obstacles some people will face during this crisis.  If you know of someone struggling, remember what you learned in kindergarten, “share, be nice and to say thank you”.  Help others who are less fortunate, don’t ask for anything in return and if you are the one who needs help and receives it, say “thank you’.

Don’t get me wrong and think I am totally enjoying what the Hollywood stars who are now making appearances on tv commercials, being so upbeat and positive telling us to consider our time at home a “staycation”. Seriously, those people have mansions, pools, people at their beckon and call and plenty of toilet paper. How about those stars lose the tutors and try to help their children with today’s math and science.  It is a good thing I do not have grade school children right now because my version of home schooling would consist of recess, lunch and more recess.  

For almost my entire adulthood I have traveled for my job.  I have had to stop all travel, cancel all appointments and find creative ways to work.  I am starting to feel like I did as a teenager when I was grounded almost every other week.

All puns aside now, together we can and will get through this current crisis.  Our ancestors faced far worse adversity than most of us will ever imagine.  It is only through their strength, never give up attitudes and God’s will they survived, and we are all here today. 

Let’s find the positive in this crisis, laugh a little more, hug (virtual or real) a little longer and find a positive for every negative. 

Until next time….