Equine Dystocia – When It All Goes Wrong

January 29, 2021 0

The definition of equine dystocia is a very simple definition which means “difficult birth”. The simplicity of the definition does not disclose the serious and heart wrenching distress that these words create among the equine […]

Lessons from the UK on Sheep Lameness

January 19, 2021 0

Sheep lameness is a problem across the world, and in the United Kingdom (UK) it is a major concern. Lameness has a detrimental impact on a sheep’s overall welfare. The disease can result in loss […]

Tenacious Taylor

January 8, 2021 0

What does it take to become the only woman to have won all four levels of Oklahoma State Rodeo Queen pageantry, and earn two high school rodeo titles – one for state and one for […]