Lice in Cattle

October 5, 2018 0
As autumn quickly approaches and the temperatures begin to decline, producers need to consider what type of lice control to initiate. Cattle lice cost producers millions of dollars each year in decreased weight gains and […]

A Letter from Fink Beef Genetics

October 1, 2018 0
Innovation, non-traditional, unique, and outside- the box thinking has forged us on for over 40 years. We are an Angus and Charolais seedstock operation in northeast Kansas. Starting back in 1977 with one Angus cow […]

Ag Elsewhere: California

September 7, 2018 0
The Importance of “Agvocacy” By Laney Smith With the summer coming to an end, California ranchers look ahead to what the new season brings. Fall gives agriculturalists a chance to breathe, with harvest complete and […]

-Time Changes Things-

September 5, 2018 0
By Ralph Chain Time changes things, and I can not believe how things have changed in my life. I remember my dad grading Highway 51 with a walking plow and team of mules. Now you […]

Fighting Feral Hogs

September 3, 2018 0
By Chris Cox Feral hogs are a problem in Oklahoma. They have been spotted in every county in the state, which means no matter where you go, feral hogs are not far away. While it’s […]

Neosporosis in Cattle

September 1, 2018 0
The disease Neosporosis was first described in dogs in Norway. The infected dogs had a neuromuscular condition that resulted in hind limb paralysis. The protozoan that caused the disease was Neospora caninum. Since the initial […]
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