The Border Bash

June 25, 2017 0

By Ddee Haynes April 28-29, 2017 marked the Annual Border Bash held at the Legendary “Lazy E” Arena located in Guthrie, Okla. The Lazy E arena is centrally located just south of Guthrie, Okla., and […]

Grazing Oklahoma: Sand Dropseed

June 23, 2017 0

By Rob Cook Characteristics: Sand dropseed is a native, warm-season, perennial bunch grass. At maturity, it reaches about 18 to 42 inches tall. The leaves are 1/8- to 1/4- inch wide, flat and taper towards […]

Diarrhea in the Adult Horse

June 23, 2017 0

By Lauren Lamb The equine digestive tract is a complex and fragile system that is easily disrupted. Colic is the most common outcome of a digestive tract upset in a horse; however, diarrhea is a […]

Eischen’s Bar

June 19, 2017 0

By Laci Jones When you think about the best fried chicken in Oklahoma, Eischen’s Bar is likely on the top of that list. The oldest bar in Oklahoma, Peter Eischen opened Eischen’s Saloon in 1896. […]

Dillard Ranches: Part 3

June 14, 2017 0

James Dillard By Judy Wade Rancher, pilot, lawyer, judge, businessman, race horse owner, husband, father and grandfather–James Houston Dillard played many roles in his short life. The older son of Josiah (Foot) Hamilton Dillard and Vida […]

The Last Roundup of a Vanishing Era

June 13, 2017 0

By Ralph Chain I have seen a lot of change in my lifetime. One of the most historical changes I guess would be concerning the San Carlos Indian Reservation in central Arizona. The reservation covers […]

Parker Millsap

June 12, 2017 0

From Small Town to Big Time By Jan Sikes Purcell, Okla., sits right in the heart of the state and boasts a population of 6,340 people. So, exactly how does a young man get from […]

Bacterial Blight

June 9, 2017 0

By Everett Brazil, III Altus is in the heart of Southwest Oklahoma cotton production. Receiving irrigation from Lake Altus-Lugert to the north, much water flows through canals to irrigate the many fields. But in 2016, […]

Crystal Beach Park

June 5, 2017 0

By Rhonda Shephard On the east edge of Woodward, Okla., lies a public park that everyone should visit. If you’ve never been, it’s one of the best parks in the state, and a real gathering […]

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