• Country Lifestyle

    Western Housewives – Valentine’s Day

    Typically, on Valentine’s Day I want to write a love letter to my husband, but this year I want to take a different approach. Of course, he will still get his letter and if he’s [...]
  • Attractions

    Will Rogers was at Home with the Cowboys

                “In years gone by no one ever thought splendid living would be made by exhibition of things that was part of ones every day work but the folks got to have amusement, and the [...]
  • Attractions

    Oklahoma Ghost Towns – Navajoe

    Southwestern Oklahoma is rich with history and has a beautiful, rugged landscape. A lesser known mountain range, the Navajo Mountains sits in eastern Jackson County, just to the north east of Altus. There, at the [...]
  • Home

    Valentine’s Crack

    Servings: 30 Total Time: 13 minutes 50 Saltine Crackers1 Cup butter cut into chunks to melt down, 2 sticks1 Cup LIght Brown Sugar2 Cups White Chocolate Chips1/4 Cup Pink Chocolate MeltsValentine’s Sprinkles Ingredients: Preheat oven [...]
  • Equine

    Foal Joint Ill

    Foal season is upon us, and it is expected to have sick foals. A common problem that newborn and young foals experience is joint ill caused by a variety of reasons. A common misconception of [...]
  • Country Lifestyle

    Remembering Tony Mol

    A person’s true character is defined not by their words but by their actions. As the sun rose on December 10, 2019 it seemed as if the gray clouds in the sky were the sign [...]
  • Farm & Ranch

    The Next Step for Pilot Projects to Control Feral Swine

    Selecting a target is critical. Oklahoma’s conservation partnership identified two locations to pilot control of feral swine; Western Red River (Harmon, Jackson, Cotton and Tillman Counties) and Kay County. These areas were selected with great [...]
  • Country Lifestyle

    Let Me Count the Ways…

    When I flip the calendar over to the month of February, I smile because February is love, chocolates, flowers, roses-are-red-violets-are-blue, romance, snuggle weather and fires in the fireplace. If you are in a relationship, Valentine’s [...]
  • Farm & Ranch

    Calf Vigor

    The initial overall physical strength and good health of a newborn, referred to as calf vigor, is very important to the future health of a calf.  In order for a calf to thrive, it must [...]
  • Equine

    The Cowboy Lawyer

    At first glance, the court room and the rodeo arena don’t seem to have much in common, but for Brad West of The West Law Firm in Shawnee, they are both fields of competition in which he [...]
  • Country Lifestyle

    Football Spinach Dip Breadsticks

    Football Spinach Dip Breadsticks Total Time: 55 minutes Servings: 12 Ingredients: 10 oz Frozen Chopped Spinach, thawed and squeezed dry6 oz Cream Cheese, softened1-2 cloves Garlic, minced1/2 teaspoon Salt1/2 teaspoon Onion Powder1/4 teaspoon Pepper1/4 teaspoon Chili Powder1 teaspoon Italian Powder1/2 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese1 cup Grated Mozzarella Cheese, divided1 tube Refrigerated Thin Crust Pizza Crust2 tablespoons Butter, melted Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees [...]
  • Farm & Ranch

    Johne’s Disease in Cattle

    Barry Whitworth, DVM Area Food/Animal Quality and Health Specialist for Eastern Oklahoma  In 1895, Dr. F. Harmes was presented with a cow that exhibited symptoms of weight loss and diarrhea. He initially diagnosed tuberculosis (TB), [...]
  • Country Lifestyle

    Western Housewives – New Years Resolutions

    Western Housewives New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you love them or hate them, it seems that this time of year you can’t escape them. In all of my twenty-seven years, I have only written down and [...]
  • Attractions

    Cardin, Okla.

    What constitutes a “Ghost Town?” Well, according to some research, ghost towns can include sites in a variety of states, ranging from abandoned to barren, with the middle-ground being neglected. Some sites no longer have [...]
  • Equine

    Lameness Examination in the Horse

    Lameness is one of the most common problems that occur in the horse and that owners will have to address. Many owners have experienced lameness and the examination process, but there are various ways to [...]
  • Farm & Ranch

    OSU Releases New Wheat Variety

    By Everett Brazile III Oklahoma wheat producers looking to increase forage production have a new option for the 2020 season, as Oklahoma State University has released a new variety, OK Corral, which promises better forage [...]
  • Attractions

    Oklahoma Outdoor Must Sees for New Year

    By Michael Newell As a Biologist, I value diversity. It measures the health of an ecosystem.             There might not be any other state that has the diversity that we have in Oklahoma. Make it [...]

country lifestyle

Country Lifestyle

Western Housewives – Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2020 0
Typically, on Valentine’s Day I want to write a love letter to my husband, but this year I want to take a different approach. Of course, he will still get his letter and if he’s […]

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all-day Illinois River Fly Fishing School @ Tenkiller State Park
Illinois River Fly Fishing School @ Tenkiller State Park
Feb 21 – Feb 22 all-day
Join seasoned fishing instructors at Tenkiller State Park for a weekend of educational fun at the Illinois River Fly Fishing School. This hands-on clinic offers in-depth information about equipment, flies, casting and onstream instruction. Meet [...]
all-day Oklahoma National Stockyards Sales @ Oklahoma National Stockyards.
Oklahoma National Stockyards Sales @ Oklahoma National Stockyards.
Feb 24 all-day
Stockers and feeders sell Monday. Single stockers and feeders sell Tuesday, followed by stock cows, packer cows, and packer bulls. Call 405-235-8675 or visit www. ONSY.com for more information.
4:06 pm Tulsa Stockyards Sale @ Tulsa Stockyards.
Tulsa Stockyards Sale @ Tulsa Stockyards.
Feb 24 @ 4:06 pm – 5:06 pm
Northeast Oklahoma’s largest and finest livestock market. Sale every Monday at 9 a.m. View the sale online at www.cattleusa.com. Visit www. TulsaStockyards.com for more information.
4:09 pm OKC West Sale @ OKC West Livestock Market.
OKC West Sale @ OKC West Livestock Market.
Feb 24 @ 4:09 pm – 5:09 pm
Cattlemen serving cattlemen. Cows and bulls sell Mondays, calves and stockers sell Tuesdays, and feeder cattle sell Wednesdays. Call 405-262-8800 or visit www. OKCWest.com for more information.
all-day Managing Crops in Hoop Houses @ Noble Research Institute
Managing Crops in Hoop Houses @ Noble Research Institute
Feb 25 all-day
Specialty crop growers worldwide continue to adopt high tunnel hoop houses because they provide an element of environmental control not possible with field production. During this course, you will learn how to manage the growing [...]


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