Oklahoma State Park: Lake Eufaula State Park

By Laci Jones

It was 1965 when Lake Eufaula State Park and Arrowhead State Park were established. Formerly known as Fountainhead State Park, Lake Eufaula State Park has about 2,800 acres of land and Arrowhead State Park 2,200 acres of land leased from the Corps of Engineers. Located near Checotah, Okla., Lake Eufaula State Park sits on the largest surface area lake in the state.

“When they were established, it was for economic development,” said state park manager, Jim Ramsey. “This was an area that didn’t have many jobs, and so they built the lodges and the lake. It brought a lot of employment to the area.”

It is about 17 miles from Lake Eufaula State Park to Arrowhead State Park, but they are partnered state parks. Arrowhead State Park has different terrain with good views from different heights, Ramsey said. Arrowhead State Park has a golf course located above the lake.

“For the most part, the area around here is not really mountainous,” Ramsey said. “We do have roaming hills. Most of our areas that used to be rivers are now filled with the lake.”

Clif LaPach, Lake Eufaula State Park assistant manager said there are 14 to 15 miles of hiking trails located at Lake Eufaula State Park and more than 25 miles at Arrowhead State Park.

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