The Painted Ponies

By Krista Lucas

Every horse is unique in its own special way. There are almost 400 breeds to choose from, and depending on the breed, colors and personalities can greatly vary, too. Horses with distinct spots, blue and brown eyes and thick manes and tails are found in two Western breeds.

The Paint Horse and Appaloosa are two colorful breeds where no two coats are exactly alike. Paint horses date back several centuries ago, to when they were brought over from Spain. Native people in Mexico watched as “pintos,” meaning “painted” in Spanish, were unloaded.

These horses began to be used by Native Americans, as well as on working cattle ranches and American farms. Paint horses have been crossed with Quarter Horses over the years, producing small, hardy and quick animals.

Paint horses come in many colors, with the two main patterns called Tobiano and Overo. Tobiano is the most common. The horse will look like a predominantly white horse underneath large splashes of color across its body. The white will be across the top of the horse and also on its legs, with a two-toned mane and tail.

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