-Time Changes Things-

By Ralph Chain

Time changes things, and I can not believe how things have changed in my life. I remember my dad grading Highway 51 with a walking plow and team of mules. Now you can hardly get out on Highway 51 because of the traffic.

Montie Lee, our accountant for nearly 50 years, came in our office one morning. It had not rained for I do not know how long. The dirt was blowing and I could hardly see him for the sand blowing in the air.

He was wiping sand out of his eyes and spitting sand out of his mouth. He asked me, “What did your granddad pay for this place?” I said, “A shotgun and $50.” Montie replied, “He got cheated.”

Montie came back not too many years later, and saw the wind towers, the oil rigs and the sand we sell for fracking wells. He said, “Maybe your granddad didn’t get cheated after all.”

I do not play golf and I do not fish. My hobby is running bull dozers, clearing cedar trees and building ponds. I can not believe we sell water out of those ponds to oil companies, but that is another income. Water is more precious than oil. Now when I run my dozer, I am afraid I will hit a pipeline. There are pipelines going everywhere.

Time marches on, but where are we marching to?